Crazy Joe & the Madriver Outlaws


“Crazy” Joe Tritschler – Twangin’ Geetar
joe 1997 Greenon High School Graduate
Famous potato cannon engineer “Crazy” Joe Tritschler resides in Enon, Ohio…with his parents. Joe started out on a corncob ukulele whittled by his granny before trading a lawn mower and a smoked ham for his first guitar at age four. He has been known to attach guitar strings to his trousers which consequently never fall down. His favorite color is road-construction orange. He likes to wear clothes and his favorite fabric is corduroy which he prefers to wear inside-out.
“Hep Cat” Matt Duffey – Slap ‘Em Up Bass
matt 1996 Greenon High School Graduate
Legendary soccer hooligan “Hep Cat” Matt Duffey has been twangin’ the bass ever since he smashed his trumpet trying to open walnuts when he was 14. He particularly enjoys presoaking Punkin’ Pat’s drumsticks in toilet water, which Pat doesn’t know about. His favorite color is rusty-Buick brown. Although he drives a Jeep, he is definitely not a white-hat like Punkin’ Pat. His favorite siding is aluminum, from which he carves life-sized pictorials of Civil War battles in his free time.
“Punkin” Pat Lee – Knuckle Draggin’ Drums
pat 1997 Greenon High School Graduate
World-renowned Richard Simmons impersonator “Punkin” Pat Lee used to reside in Enon, Ohio with his parents, but got evicted after shaving the family dog and gluing him to the fence. He has been playing drums since age 11 under the advice of his physician for treatment of ADD. Punkin’ Pat has been known to wear white hats, drive Jeeps, and hang out at BW3’s, but insists that he is only experimenting. His favorite color is beer, which he wears often as a result of his extreme lack of coordination. His favorite natural resource is rubber, provided that the tread is good.